School Busses

Bus  Students are transported to and from school on County buses and must follow the bus regulations.


A copy of the Transportation handbook is given to the students at the beginning of each school year. The drivers are in control when the children board the buses.  Starting 2019 school year, all 3rd graders & younger,  will need a parent / guardian at least 13 years old present at the afternoon bus stop to receive a child. All respective persons are to come to the bus door in order for the driver to release the student. Parents are to notify the driver if there will be any changes in the afternoon with the respective person. The driver will contact  transportation & the school if there is no respective person at the bus stop, and  after the route, the student will be taken back to school.  No child is to get off at any stop but his or her own unless s/he has a dated, written note signed by the parents and checked by school staff before leaving school. If your child needs to ride a different bus or ride home on a bus that s/he does not normally ride on please fill out the Request for Transportation form (click here) and fax it to the Transportation Office.  This needs to be done 24 hours in advance in order to have your child assigned to the bus. Also call the above number for information regarding buses or bus routes.

St.  Mary’s County Non-Public Transportation Services, click here to get to their website

Mrs. Becky George, – 301-863-8400 ext. 1124, Fax: 301-866-6797

Car  Parents transporting students by car will use the entrance road off Sandy Bottom Road and pull up to the sidewalk in front of the Monsignor Harris Center.  Students should exit cars from the passenger side only with the assistance of a staff member.  They should not walk around or between vehicles.  Do not allow students to stand at the back of a car, even to retrieve an item from the trunk.  Only adults should retrieve items from the rear of cars. (Even this is not recommended because it unnecessarily delays the car line.)  Please avoid escorting children across traffic lanes, as this forms unsafe habits.  All parents, even those with Pre-K and Kindergarten students, are asked to follow your normal routine from the first day of school.  If your child will ride the bus, please put him/her on the bus.  If you need to park and escort your child into school, please use the spaces on the north side of the church whenever possible.  Avoid using parking spaces alongside the shrine and cemetery during school hours.  The buses need a wide radius for turning.  The laws for obeying flashing lights on buses are the same in the parking lot as they are on the highway.  If buses are present, wait until they have off‑loaded and pulled away before moving forward and allowing your child to exit. Parents are asked to model safe practices for the children.   Please take the time to move slowly and safely for the protection of everyone.