STEM education

St. John’s School administration and faculty recognize the benefits of advancing STEM education. We are committed to executing an excellent program that reaches our entire PK-8 community through engagement. Our goal is to integrate the knowledge of scientific explanations with the understanding and application of ideas. Our STEM gallery gives witness to SJS students of every age experiencing opportunities to develop and use science and engineering practices to make sense of their world.

PK has been observing, recording and constructing explanations about bubbles! Our Kindergarten scientists constructed evidence-based accounts of observed phenomena using flashlights and mirrors. Grades 3 and 5 have been looking at mathematical patterns with tessellations and fractiles. And Gr 3 has been designing and building with legos.

Grade 1 has been asking questions about the natural world and carrying out investigations to collect data. Employing the engineering processes has helped Grade 2 solve design problems, while Grade 4 has been learning about density, the basis of many science concepts.