SJS Shadow Tour

UPDATE:  Due to COVID, we are unable to do Shadow Days at this time.  Thank you for understanding.

Shadow Day!

A shadow visit is a great way to explore and learn more about St. John’s School. The best way for you to determine whether St. John’s School is right for your child is to schedule a time for your child to shadow a St. John’s School student. Your child will get to meet the students that will be in his/her class and see what a typical day at St. John’s School is like. He/she can spend a few hours or a whole day accompanying a student to class. Most of the students at the school knew, after shadowing, that this was the place for them.
All potential students are invited to come and spend the day with future friends at St. John’s. We hope that your child can join us for this unique opportunity. If you are interested in participating in a Shadow Day, feel free to contact the secretary at the office anytime to schedule a Shadow Day! (301) 373 – 2142 or
Guidelines to Spend a Day with an SJS Student
Arrangements to shadow must be made through the Office. Please indicate on your permission form if you would like to shadow a particular student/grade. Below are some other guidelines to help you plan for your visit:
Drop Off: Students should check in at the Office by 8:00 a.m.
Pick Up: Students should be picked up from the Office at 3:00 p.m.
Dress: If students attend a Catholic elementary school, they should wear their school uniform. Otherwise, student visitors should wear slacks and a collared shirt. Girls may wear a skirt; however, it must (at least) touch the top of the knee.
Lunch: will be provided compliments of SJS unless students choose to bring one from home.