Hot Lunch Program

Hot Lunch Program Information

Lunch will be available daily.  There are 1 to 2 options with Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich available every day.  The monthly menu can be found on our website and will be electronically sent to all families.  Cost ($3.50) and payment procedures are made through an account you set up for your student through    In the event of a rare occasion when a student may have been unable to bring lunch, the student may charge their lunch.  Students are only allowed to charge lunches in emergency situations.  Any charge should be paid the next school day.


Students are to bring one healthful item for daily snack.  Milk is available for snack (Pre-K – Grade 2) as well as lunch through the Special milk program.  Water is available for purchase in the cafeteria. Students not in the milk program or buying water are to bring their own drink for lunches.  Information about the Special Milk program is contained in your back-to-school packet.