Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy –   For our children’s protection, the Archdiocese of Washington requires that all volunteers who will be in a position to supervise children attend a training session on identifying and reporting child abuse and get fingerprinted. This includes parents who wish to accompany children on field trips as well as those who serve as volunteer teachers, coaches, or club leaders.  The schedule for training sessions in child protection may be accessed at  Fingerprints can be done at any local company, please contact the office to get the required paperwork.  You will not be allowed to volunteer with any student until everything is complete and fingerprints are recorded.

Volunteers are required to respect the rights of students and their families to privacy.  A professional and caring manner in dealing with students, along with a commitment to maintaining confidentiality, is required of anyone who volunteers to work with children. 

Please use this guide  for being compliant with the Child Protection Policy

Volunteers and Employees

Step 1:

Open and create a Virtus account.  This can be done at

Step 2: 

Sign up for a Safe Environment training class when you make your account.  This Class needs to be taken within 60 days of creating an account.  The class is done virtually.  When the class is completed, return to the school office, the Acknowledgement E form and Code of Conduct Form that is in the back of the booklet you will receive.

Step 3:

Fill out a Volunteer application along with a Confidentiality/Nondisclosure Agreement and return to in the school office.

  • You need to submit two forms of identification with the application – one must be a photo ID.

Step 4:      Fingerprinting for Employees & Volunteers

  • The school office will provide you with a document with the ADW fingerprinting authorization number once you have taken the training class and your application has been submitted.
  • Bring authorization form for fingerprinting to one of the fingerprinting locations along with two forms of identification. Bring a copy of the receipt back to the school office.
  • Please allow 10 days for fingerprint results to come back.