Wednesday 3/26

ALL CLASSES: Google Classroom is up and running!! Students, your parents should have an email from SJS Tech with your google login information. If you do not have one please let me know asap!! I will be uploading all of Read more

Tuesday 3/24

Good Morning!!  Today the sun is shining and I hope you make it out for a walk or just some fresh air 🙂  Today is test day for 6th and 7th and 7.5 gp for Algebra. Tomorrow is a day Read more

Monday 3/23

Good Morning! Today starts a new week 🙂 I hope you had a great weekend!!  Parents, Thank you to your replies to my email, I have a couple of webinars today and a couple of meetings to make some adjustments Read more

Friday 3/20

Good Morning!! Happy Spring! We we have made it through week 1!! Great job, my friends! Today is a beautiful day outside….here’s the deal. 6th and 7th be sure you have Lesson 74 done before Monday and 8th grade you Read more

Thursday 3/19

Happy last day of winter!! Hopefully the sun will stay out and we can go outside and enjoy the sunshine today!! I hope you are all doing well and not going too crazy with school work. Remember I am here Read more

Wednesday 3/18

Good Morning!! Today let’s be sure to add math prayer to our day. You can share it with your parents and your brothers and sisters to help fulfil our Lenten promises to get closer to Jesus 🙂 We can ask Read more

Tuesday 3/17

Good Morning and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! I hope your first day of leaning at home was a good one!! Please remember I am here to help you 🙂 7th grade: Lesson 72 Multiple Unit Multipliers: Khan Academy had a Read more

Monday 3/16

Good Morning Students!! I will update this page each morning to give you a schedule for the day. If you are ahead just check back for any notes/tips for the day…if you are behind, don’t leave it all to the Read more

Friday 3/13

Parents: Please keep checking in on this webpage!! I have given the students a clear rundown of expectations for learning over these next 2 weeks. I will get into specifics for each class below. I have also created a Khan Read more

March 3/12

7th grade: No homework..we will finish going over the study guide tomorrow and our test will be on Monday. 6th grade: Study for test tomorrow 8th grade: workbook for 7.2 1-18 (no word problems) Have a great night!! 🙂

Wednesday 3/11

7th grade: Finish study guide. We will begin our test on Friday and then finish it up on Monday. 6th grade: Finish study guide. We will have our test on Friday. 8th grade: Finish workbook 7.1 1-28 Have a good Read more

Tuesday 3/10 UPDATE

The field trip is cancelled for tomorrow so 6th and 7th please have Lesson 70 done for tomorrow…. 7th grade: Lesson 70 due tomorrow. For planning purposes..we will start our test on Friday, but since it is our short class Read more

Friday 3/6

Sorry for not posting on Friday…here is homework for this weekend..and don’t forget we don’t have school tomorrow!! Enjoy your day off!! 7th: read and practice set for lesson 69. 6th: read and practice set for lesson 69 8th: on Read more

Tuesday 3/3

7th grade: Reteaching 66 6th grade: finish bonus work, then read and practice set for lesson 66 8th grade: workbook 6.6 odds and study for quiz (6.5 and 6.6) Have a good night! Mrs. McCarthy

Monday 3/2

7th grade: finish bonus work and try lesson 66. It is a difficult lesson because it is a new concept…try to complete the practice set and if you are not sure try and write a question to help you work Read more

Friday 2/28

7th grade: With club pictures today we were unable to take the test, so we will take it on Monday 🙂 6th grade: complete study guide 13A. We will have a test on Tuesday. 8th grade: workbook evens and all Read more

Thursday 2/27

7th grade: study for test. 6th grade: no homework. 8th grade: study for quiz on 6.3 and 6.4. Have a great night…those of you going to watch the games tonight, have fun and see you there!! Mrs. McCarthy

Wednesday 2/26

7th grade: Study guide 13A is due tomorrow..please be sure you bring it to class 🙂 Test is on Friday. 6th grade: Good job today!! Read and practice set for lesson 63 8th grade: Finish guided practice then complete workbook Read more

Tuesday 2/26

Happy Mardi Gras!! This was one of our family’s favorite when we lived in Pensacola!! Don’t forget tonight is the pancake supper in the MHC!! Enjoy! Also, if you wish to join the students for Ash Wednesday Mass tomorrow it Read more