St. John’s School Sunday Night Bingo and Pull Tab Fundraisers


St. John’s School Bingo program is in full swing. Parents should be getting texts and email reminders when it is their week to work Sunday bingo. Please be aware if you’ve swapped bingo dates with another family, you will still get the original week’s communications as the office does not track family swaps.


Bingo has proven to be our number one fundraiser at St. John’s School. Because of your extraordinary efforts, we have been able to hire exceptional teachers, improve our classrooms, and expand our school’s technology. Many thanks go out to all who have shown up to do their part and work their scheduled Bingo. 

Each family is expected to fulfill their Bingo commitment of up to 6 Bingos or pull-tab fundraisers per year. The number of events to be worked will be determined by the number of families registered and teams formed (typically 10). The Bingo schedule runs from September to August every year. This year’s schedule can be found at the bottom of this page under the relevant documentation section.

It is important that you work your scheduled night. If for some reason you cannot work your assigned date, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. You may swap with another family you know, or seek one by joining our St. John’s School Parent Bingo Facebook group. Family members other than parents can work bingo in a parent’s place, but no one under age 18 is allowed to work at Bingo, in the kitchen or on the floor. Please make sure to inform the Bingo Coordinators with the name of your replacement so they can let the team captain know. The penalty for not working your assigned Bingo is $500 per missed event and is agreed upon when you sign your tuition agreement with St. John’s School. In addition, if you are significantly late to your assigned night without first contacting the Bingo Coordinators, there will be a $250 charge. Paid subs are NOT allowed. Anyone who sends in a paid sub will receive a missed Bingo notification and the $500 penalty. For additional information about swaps and subs, please refer to the Bingo sub/swap policy located at the bottom of this page under the relevant documentation section.

Please email the bingo coordinators at with any questions or concerns.

If you’re new to St. John’s School or need a brush-up on all things bingo, the latest informational bingo training can be found at the bottom of this page under the relevant documentation section. It is helpful when all our volunteers know about bingo so please take a few minutes to review it over. 

We also have a public Facebook page where we advertise all of our events and our rolling prize amounts. Like us at St. John’s School Sunday Bingo!

Thank you for supporting SJS Bingo!


Current schedule: 2021-2022 Parent Bingo Team Schedule

Policies: 2021-2022 Sub/Swap Policy

Training: 2021-2022 Bingo Training

Helpful Info for Kitchen/Floor Workers: Kitchen Workers Info / Floor Workers Info