Safety Patrol

School Safety Patrol

St. John’s School is committed to the safety of all its students. Students in grades sixth through eighth volunteer for this service as they dedicate a small amount of their time during the week to ensure the safety of all students.  Members of Safety Patrol display courtesy, dependability, and a positive attitude towards others.  They also foster qualities of leadership and good citizenship.
St. John’s Safety Patrol is comprised of students from the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Members are carefully selected by the faculty Safety Patrol coordinators on the basis of academic performance, responsible behavior, and leadership among peers. St. John’s Safety Patrol enlists daily teams of patrol members to direct morning and afternoon car traffic, to safely escort students to the playground, and to assist with supervising the playground areas by enforcing safety rules among students. In addition to daily teams, the Safety Patrol enlists a “rainy day” team whose job is to ensure the safe dismissal of every student from the building to their cars or buses during inclement weather or emergency situations.
St. John’s Safety Patrol promotes safety programs throughout the school year such as safety contests, the State Farm Bike Rodeo, and a AAA school assembly. Each year, one of our St. John’s Patrol Members has been selected to receive statewide recognition by AAA for their outstanding leadership contributions to their school.
Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Skane –