School Supplies from School Tool Box

To make it easier for parents, simply order most of your student’s school supplies from School Tool Box. These boxes have most of the supplies that your student will need and ships directly to the school! You won’t have to rush out and buy school supplies anymore! Simply click on the link to take you direclty to the site. Deadline to place your orders to be shipped to the school is June 27, 2021. This is for grades K-8 (there are no supplies to buy for PK. Orders may be placed after that date, but will be shipped directly to your home. Please use this link: School Tool Box

There will be additonal supplies to purchase, some directly from the school. They will be available at the beginning of the year for you to purchase. Prices will be posted later.

  • Bible – Grades 5-8
  • Gray Zipper Bag – Grades K-2
  • Assignment Book – Grades 3-8
  • Travel Folder – Grades K-5

Additional Items some students will need and are not provided by the school:

  • Scientific Calculator – Algegra Students only
  • Thumb Drive – Grades 4-8

If you prefer to go out and buy your students supplies yourself, here is the list (by grade level, grades K-8)