Tuesday 5/26

Good morning squad! Last week of assignments. Last Gospel assignment. phew

Since this is our last week of assignments, and it’s already Tuesday, there may be a few changes to your class. Some of my classes are done, others are nearly done.

I’ll make a post for gospels. This is the last one, congrats!

So, let’s work hard and finish strong this week, and then you can breath the sweet freedom of summer with confidence that you worked hard and accomplished what your were called to.

6 Religion

  • nothing, we’re all done

6 SS

  • Wkbk 241

7 Religion

  • wkbk 97

7 SS

  • wkbk 185

8 Religion

  • none, we’re all done, but I might post a video this week

8 SS

  • Test on Events Leading to the Civil War (this is your only assignment this week)