Tuesday 5/12

Good morning! Your work is below.

Important reminder; please make sure your are completing your work properly and thoroughly. I’m getting a lot of workbooks with half answers, and I’m having to ask some of you to redo them. This is a waste of both of our time; you have to do it twice, and I have to grade it twice. With much of your instruction being reading and workbooks, it is critical that you take these seriously. If you are not, then you are wasting time twice, doing the work twice, and you’re still not learning. If you have to resubmit work or your work is late, it may be awhile before I update the gradebook, as on time assignments and other work is my priority.

Lastly, if your grade is low, how can you improve? Answer: check both classroom and plusportals. If it has a “0” or “IC”, that means it was not submitted or not done properly. You can resubmit these for an updated grade.

6 Religion

  • Parts of the Mass Test (posted in classroom)

6 SS

  • Greece Study Guide

7 Religion

  • wkbk 93

7 SS

  • wkbk 266

8 Relgion

  • wkbk 84

8 SS

  • wkbk 201-202