Monday 5/11

Heyyyooooo! It’s Monday. Fortunately for you though, only 4 days of work this week (No school Friday). My due dates and such will remain the same, however, please try to finish by Thursday so that you can enjoy a 3 day weekend.

Don’t forget, Wednesday is the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima! Make sure you say a rosary on Wed.

As usual, I’ll post your Gospels for this past weekend.

6 Religion

  • Mass Quiz
  • I’m only posting 2 assignments for you this week

6 SS

  • wkbk 231

7 Religion

  • Confirmation Test
  • I’m only posting two assignment for you this week

7 SS

  • wkbk 264-265

8 Religion

  • wkbk 83

8 SS

  • wkbk 198-200
  • It’s another map, make sure you do them completely, if you need to write on both the map and the question, please make sure you do so.