Monday 5/4

May the fourth be with you! (and with your spirit). Make sure you set aside some time to watch some Star Wars tonight… unless you don’t like Star Wars, then don’t waste your time and do whatever the heck you do like to do.

It’s a new week, a new month! (you know, even though May started on Friday, but I didn’t post then) May is all about Mary. I’m super excited about this, and you should be too. During this month, Jesus offers us so many graces through his blessed Mother. She desires with her Immaculate Heart to bring you into a loving relationship with her Divine son, let her do this work in your life. Spend some time cultivating a devotion to Mary, she will teach you better than anyone else to be obedient to the Father’s will, compassionate to the Son, and have an intimate relationship with her spouse, the Holy Spirit.

Onwards, to the bad news… schoolwork! Btw, I’ll make posts for you gospels.

6 Religion

  • wkbk 98 and 99

6 SS

  • wkbk 220

7 Religion

  • wkbk 79

7 SS

  • wkbk 258

8 Religion

  • wkbk 79

8 SS

  • Westward Expansion Test
    • This might get posted a little late today, I need to reformat it so it’s easier to take online