Monday 4/27

Good morning! Hope you all had a great weekend. Sorry about the gospel assignment, I forgot to make the post on Friday. It is up for all classes now, I made the due date Wednesday.

6 Religion

  • Wkbk 93-94

6 SS

  • Wkbk 211-212
  • I’m not posting a lecture this week. Instead, I am posting a link to a documentary on the Parthenon on YouTube, you are to watch this and fill out the questionnaire while you watch

7 Religion

  • Read Acts of the Apostles Chap 2
  • while you read, fill out the questionnaire that goes with it, I’m posting it with the assignment

7 SS

  • Renaissance Study guide
  • I’ll post the test tomorrow, these will be your only two assignment in this class this week

8 Religion

  • Wkbk 77-78

8 SS

  • Wkbk 142-143