Monday 4/20

He is Risen Alleluia Alleluia!
Welcome back guys, happy Easter, remember the season lasts 50 days. Also, just because lent is over doesn’t mean prayer stops, stay strong and keep up the momentum you’ve built over the last several weeks. I hope you guys took some time to view and pray along with the many masses that have been available on YouTube.

To work! Still doing the usual; 1 video a week, 3 assignments a week. One small change; sometimes instead of me posting a vlog I will post an interview with another religion teacher, priest, or catechist about the topic I would be lecturing. I thought it might be a nice change of pace and more engaging to watch some discussions instead of lectures. This would replace the vlog for the week.

6 Religion

  • Worksheet on the mass. It says quiz on the paper, it’s NOT a quiz, just a worksheet.

6 SS

  • Wkbk 206 Sections 1 and 2.
  • I’ll be posting your vlog today

7 Religion

  • Confirmation in Scripture Worksheet

7 SS

  • Workbook 250

8 Religion

  • Wkbk 73
  • I’ll post your vlog today

8 SS

  • Andrew Jackson Test