Tuesday 4/7

Good morning! If you have a test today, it is your only assignment this week. If it is your second assignment this week, you don’t have one tomorrow. Which means, I am not posting any additional work tomorrow.

Also, as promised in the videos, here is the link for the Archdiocese Holy Week services. Make sure you set aside time to watch these, there is a schedule for the times of the masses. https://adw.org/media-events/events/holy-week/

if you have a test to take, I have made it so that you can type directly on the document and I can see your changes.

6 Religion

  • Eucharist Test 2

6 SS

  • Homer Part 2 Chap 3-4 DEJs

7 Religion

  • Baptism Test

7 SS

  • Wkbk 255

8 Religion

  • Mary Test

8 SS

  • Wkbk 136