Thursday 4/30

Good morning! Can you guys believe April is over!? Wild, crew. No new posts for today, everything has already been posted for the week. Make sure you check out the vlogs, and make sure you complete the forms with them. Read more

Wednesday 4/29

Gooooood morrrning! Make sure you all check out your video lectures; I will have the last two posted before the end of the day (7S and 8S). Important** When I post a google form, you only submit it once. If Read more

Tuesday 2/28

Good morning! Alleluia! (Still Easter ya’ll) Hope that you guys are having a good start to this week, miss you all. Book Club Update: Sorry I forgot about last week, we will pick up this week and will discuss chapters Read more

Monday 4/27

Good morning! Hope you all had a great weekend. Sorry about the gospel assignment, I forgot to make the post on Friday. It is up for all classes now, I made the due date Wednesday. 6 Religion Wkbk 93-94 6 Read more

Thursday April 23

Good morning everyone. I have no additional assignments to post for the week. Work on what I’ve given you and make sure it’s in on time. I’ve posted lol my videos for the week, make sure you check them out. Read more

Wednesday 4/22

Good morning! Hope you guys are doing well transitioning back into school work. Make sure you’re taking a look at the vlogs for your classes. I have already posted 4 for the week, and I’ll post the last two today. Read more

Tuesday 4/21

Good morning Squidwards! ( I don’t know what’s up with the sponge bob stuff, I think corona has me going stir crazy) (I haven’t even watched spongebob) Anyway, your stuff is posted below. Try to strike a good balance of Read more

Monday 4/20

He is Risen Alleluia Alleluia!Welcome back guys, happy Easter, remember the season lasts 50 days. Also, just because lent is over doesn’t mean prayer stops, stay strong and keep up the momentum you’ve built over the last several weeks. I Read more

Wednesday 4/8

Good morning squad! I am not posting any new assignments today, get your stuff turned in today. Below is the link for the ADW Triduum services. The times are listed on the page. Especially since there is no public masses Read more

Tuesday 4/7

Good morning! If you have a test today, it is your only assignment this week. If it is your second assignment this week, you don’t have one tomorrow. Which means, I am not posting any additional work tomorrow. Also, as Read more

Monday 4/6

It’s Holy Week! So you know, I will not be assigning anything after Wednesday this week, all due dates will be by Thursday. Classes either have one or two assignments for the week. 6 Religion Watch the Vlog, I’ll be Read more

Friday 4/2

Good morning. Miss you guys; I’m feeling the cabin fever today. One extremely positive note though; since we weren’t at school yesterday, I didn’t hear “April fools” once the whole day! 6 Religion None 6 SS None 7 Religion None Read more

Wednesday 4/1

Good morning crazy kids! 6 Religion Vessels and vestments worksheet, I’ll post it in classroom 6 SS None, just make sure you watch the video and look over the notes on Sparta and Athens 7 Religion Wkbk 72 ill post Read more