Tuesday 3/31

Good morning! Here’s your work for the day. Remember to submit things via google classroom, don’t email them to me.

6 Religion

  • wkbk 111-112
  • sorry there wasn’t a lecture posted yesterday. Should be up today.

6 SS

  • wkbk 199-202 **Just Athens

7 Religion

  • wkbk 71
  • keep your eye out for video lecture today

7 SS

  • wkbk 241-242, make sure you read all of text p.396-399
  • I published the video lecture and notes last night, make sure you go and look at them

8 Religion

  • Write a 1 page (typed, double spaced, 12pt font, times new roman) essay on one of Mary’s Titles. More details in the classroom post
  • I posted your video lecture yesterday, make sure you watch it

8 SS

  • Test on the Early 1800s
  • I also post the notes in case you haven’t gotten them yet