6th, 7th, 8th Standard Math Classes:

As you are all aware at this point, we are moving the assignments to Google Classroom, assignments will all be posted there. With this move, there will be other changes: Beginning Monday (3/30/20), I will no longer be posting handwritten notes. Your individual notes for each lesson will be taken from the textbook. This shouldn’t create any additional difficulty for students or parents as my handwritten notes are based on the same material. After every 5 lessons, you will go back to an “A” version (Practice Test) which I will post images and video of my completion with commentary. After completing the Practice Test, you will be assigned the “B” version of the test with which you may use your notes and book and will count as your test grade. Upon receipt of your “B” version of the test, I will scan your test with corrections noted on the test. This should facilitate more learning and absorption of knowledge, which is our goal! All grades will still be posted to rediker and that site will be the best source for accessing current grades. Thank you all for your flexibility as we move into Phase 2 of our transition, please don’t hesitate to email me any questions or concerns.

God Bless,

Will Keeton