Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Happy Maryland Day! As posted on the Facebook page, I made an amendment to today’s Spirit Wear. Show your Maryland Pride!


  • Don’t forget to submit your Social Studies answers to me by Friday at 3 p.m.
  • Spelling Test is due on Unit 27 on Friday by 3 p.m.

For today:

  • Math – for 30 minutes. The goal this week is to try to earn 2 new badges by Friday. You guys are really doing a great job with this! Next week I will change the lesson for you.
  • Social Studies – We would’ve been learning about MD government right now to be prepared for our trip to Annapolis. 🙁 I still believe this is a great time to learn about our government, considering what is going on in the world. You’ll find our MD government is quite similar to our federal government. Therefore, we will begin Chapter 11 in our Social Studies book. I LOVE teaching this unit and have lots of fun pictures and facts to share with you. Please carefully review the timeline on pg. 282-283 and then read pg. 284-285 to learn about the history of our government.
  • Do some reading and take a virtual field trip with Scholastic! Do everything on that page except, “Teach with the Field Trip.”