Wednesday 3/25

Buenos dias! Important! The quarter end on FRIDAY. If you have any missing assignments, they must be submitted by 7pm on FRIDAY 3/27.

Not so important… Book Club, you should finish Buttercup’s Baby by tomorrow. Then we are starting Chap. 1 of the Hobbit! I’m still working on a way for us to discuss.

6 Religion

  • Complete wkbk 105 (due when we return)

7 Religion

  • Complete wkbk p. 67 (due when we return)

8 Religion

  • Complete wkbk p.33 (due when we return) *Keep your eye out for a video, hoping to do something on the Annunciation

6 SS

  • Complete wkbk p.194-195 (due when we return) Use the images from Monday’s post to answer

7 SS

  • Complete wkbk 236 (due when we return)
  • Don’t forget about your projects!!!!! If they close schools for longer, I’ll post an update on how to submit your project. The due date has not changed, you must submit by Apr. 3

8 SS

  • Complete wkbk p.125 (due when we return)