Tues 3/24

Good afternoon families-

Just posting a check in. The science that is assigned is intended to cover Gr 6 through April 3 or 6th. But I will be adding one thing–I want students to begin observing the moon phases and drawing what they see. I will send specific info on this about start date and how to do it.

Gr 7 & 8 should be winding up their reading and workbook by Friday or Monday. I may send a small formative assessment to Gr 7 & 8 this week depending on how my work goes. During this week I am winding up grading for the quarter. I will also be designing our work for going forward in case this distance learning continues.

I do not want to stress families but I want to provide needed materials for your students to keep progressing. I will be trying to keep in mind that families have multiple users for their technology and that students have work in other content areas as well. I am hoping to look at this situation as the next challenge in my long career and look forward to creating an approach that will be effective but not overwhelming. Our students can learn new skills they can use in the future and we can all hone our communication skills. Please don’t hesitate to email with any questions or concerns–we need your feedback to help us navigate these waters!

I will be sending info when new assignments are ready! Until then–be well and trust in the Lord!

Friday 3/20 post:

Good afternoon Families–Thank you for persevering through this week. Almost everyone has submitted needed work. Take a break over the weekend and we’ll get back to work next week. Hopefully, students have read the material assigned in Grades 7 & 8 and we will be working on those topics next week. I’m still designing what that will look like! Grade 6 should be finishing their projects today and can begin the new chapter next week doing one section of the workbook about every 2 days. I sent home a set of styrofoam balls with students who were present on Friday and we will use those for an activity ( more info to come) IF you did not get those–no worries, I will make some other suggestions if you don’t have 2 balls of different sizes that you can easily attach to something like a pencil–perhaps create some with play doh or other modeling material? You will need a flashlight for the activity so you may want to start looking around the house for that and 2 pencils or chopsticks. Please don’t hesitate to email me during this time–I am staying close to the computer and trying to respond ASAP. I will be taking a lunch break in the middle of the day and a dinner break and will try to look at emails one more time after dinner. Please do all you can to be well! With much affection to you all–Mrs. T