Monday, March 23, 2020

I hope everyone had a restful weekend and didn’t go too stir crazy. I miss you!

  • For today, take your Unit 26 spelling test on If you are on a modified list, you can take the test, and I will be able to see the words you did well on and give you credit. If you prefer to take the test on paper, have mom or dad send me an email with the picture of the test. Honors System!
  • Spend 30 minutes on Your goal is to earn at least 3 badges by Friday (3 new badges). I will change the lesson halfway through the week, but your badges are cumulative and will not reset with the changing of lessons.
  • In science today, do Chapter 6, lesson 3. You can find this on workbook pg. 150-155. Read thoroughly and answer all questions on those pages.