Monday 3/23

Hello! We are working on putting together Google Classroom to submit assignments. I email room codes, but they’re not working yet. I’ll send out another email when everything is.

6 Religion

  • Complete wkbk 74 and 76 (due when we return)

7 Religion

  • Complete wkbk 65 (due when we return)

8 Religion

  • Submit Test by Tues at 7pm via email

6 SS

  • wkbk p.192-193 (due when we return)
  • **pictures of the text can be found below

7 SS

  • Complete wkbk 234 (due when we return)

8 SS

  • Read p.249. Research and find 4 songs from the time period mentioned in the reading (it cannot be one of the examples listed in the book.)[due when we return]