Friday, March 20, 2020

Well boys and girls, it’s been a whole week since I’ve seen your faces! I miss you so much! I hope you are doing your lessons but also enjoying your time off with your family. This is a different time for sure, but I know God is in control and he hears our prayers. Keep praying! Your prayers are going to be the reason we are able to get rid of this virus and get back in school! Remember our 5 minutes of silence we were practicing before we left? Please don’t forget to find time to do this at home too. I think it’s exactly what God is calling us to do right now. He said we were all too busy with everything except Him! He has given us this time to throw away the noisy parts of life and just BE!

I am assigning you work today, but don’t feel like it has to be done until Monday. I won’t be assigning anything over the weekends as they are YOUR weekends just as if we were still physically in school. Today is supposed to be the last warm day for a while so I would really prefer you spend time outdoors with your family. Go on a walk if you can or work on a project outdoors. Make sure you post some pictures to the Facebook page! I love to see what you are doing! There will be plenty of time to do the work over the weekend if you wish (when it’s colder). Either way, it’s up to you.

Assignments (to be completed by Monday)

Please remember you do not need to email any assignments unless I ask.