Friday, March 20, 2020

Parents and students:

As I was looking around the internet I found the following:

You might find this to be a quality project that you can do for yourself. I have always found it very beneficial to write things down to help me later understand the events of the past. Writing has also been something that has helped people to try to gain understanding of the events that are happening around them. Even as the people were being tortured in the camps on all sides during WWII they continued to write, paint, put on plays, and more because it helped them escape.

Taking the time to write a paragraph or more a day or every few days will also provide you practice. Work to extend your writing. Think of the details, the images around you, and work to connect your thoughts to things you have learned in all of your classes as a student.

Each and everyone of you has been well prepared. You have tremendous knowledge. Use it! And remember that if you have questions your parents are right there. Ask them, and share with them. Share with them this writing.

This is not an assignment. Just something I found and thought all of you could use to extended your learning while all of us are separated.

I am truly looking forward to being able to see all of you in the future.

Much love from my quarentined house to yours,

Mrs. Engel