Friday 3/20

Good Morning!! Happy Spring! We we have made it through week 1!! Great job, my friends! Today is a beautiful day outside….here’s the deal. 6th and 7th be sure you have Lesson 74 done before Monday and 8th grade you have 7.4 completed by Monday. We will get back to it next week. 😁 Thank you for your patience and understanding. I promise I will have a mire organized KA plan for next week and check back here for tips and updates on Monday!!

6th Grade: I owe you a brief lesson for 73 because I skipped it 😩. Khan Academy has lots of help for this lesson. Also, use your “cheat sheet” that should be in your binder.

7th grade: I owe you a brief lesson for 73 as well..I got a little bit ahead of myself this week 😬 there isn’t a great Khan Academy video in this but I did add a video on there.

8th grade: you guys are in a roll..keep it up 🙂

Have a great weekend!!