Thursday 3/19

Happy last day of winter!! Hopefully the sun will stay out and we can go outside and enjoy the sunshine today!! I hope you are all doing well and not going too crazy with school work. Remember I am here to help you! You can send me a video or a voice message via email 🙂 Just in case you need it my email is!!

7th grade: Lesson 74 is something new (I think??) for you. Don’t get nervous doing the reading!! In this lesson, you will learn how to multiply to find the product of 2 square roots. (square root of 2 x square root of 6 = square root of 12, because 6×2=12) You will also factor square roots. (square root of 12 = square root of 4 x square root of 3, because 12 can be factored to 4×3, we use 4×3 because we are looking for another perfect square in this case it is 4. The square root of 4 is 2) Remember in this case, a perfect square is the product of a number multiplied by itself, that is a whole number. Take a minute and write down the first 10 perfect squares. This will help you recognize a perfect square when you are factoring. If you are factoring and you don’t see a perfect square you need to use a prime factorization tree. Try your best and look at Khan Academy, the video is pretty good. Let me know if you need help!! I am proud of you guys! Keep up the great work!!

6th grade: Lesson 74 Fractional part of a number. Before we did percent of a number and now it is fraction of a number. Before we used Wn for “what number” now let’s use Wf for what fraction. We still use x in place of of and = in place of is. So for the question “what fraction of 56 is 42?” We rewrite the sentence to be Wf x 56 = 42 and solve. Give it a try and remember when we are trying to move a fraction, we multiply it by it’s reciprocal. I am proud of you guys!! Keep up the great work! Let me know if you need any help!

8th grade: Today is workbook 7.4. Just do the evens for numbers 4 – 16. You can use graph paper if you would like, be sure for numbers 4-10 you identify the domain and the range. Use your vocabulary ( domain is all real numbers and the range is all positive real numbers etc.) ! If you need help on how to compare the graph, use you book p. 459 example 3 for help, and again use your vocabulary (vertical shrink, vertical stretch, vertical shrink and reflection in x-axis etc.) Keep up the great work!! I know this can be challenging..use Khan academy and let me know if you need additional help 🙂 Proud of you guys!!

Have a great day!