Friday 3/20

Hola! I hope that you’re all surviving this craziness joyfully. Make sure that you’re keeping up with prayer, fasting, and alms giving (no cheating because your stuck at home). Today, I laid some more tile (almost done *sigh), and I made a delicious sandwich with some leftover corned beef and some homemade coleslaw [delicious!].

Book Club Update- Read Buttercup’s Baby this week. Next week we start The Hobbit!!!

6 Religion

  • Submit Eucharist Test by 7pm Friday

7 Religion

8 Religion

6 SS

  • Homer Chap 14-15. Email me photos of you Chap 10-15 DEJs by 7pm

7 SS

  • I couldn’t find the reading I wanted, so you get the day off

8 SS

  • Read p.248 in the Text. Research and find 4 examples of US art from the period of time mentioned in the reading (it cannot be one of the examples listed in the book)[due when we return]