Wednesday 3/18

Good Morning!! Today let’s be sure to add math prayer to our day. You can share it with your parents and your brothers and sisters to help fulfil our Lenten promises to get closer to Jesus 🙂 We can ask for the grace of patience and to have a clear mind to absorb all this information that you students are learning mostly on your own, even when it would be so easy to just not do it 🙂 I believe in you!!

7th grade: today we revisit sequences. To use the formula we need to find the relationship between the terms…This Is The Hardest Part!! Look at the difference between the numbers. This difference is called the “constant difference” because it is the same between every term. Be creative the pattern is not always obvious!! You need to be sure it works for every term you are given. Then the easy part is to use the formula 🙂 A little extra tip not necessarily important but interesting fact…In example 2b, that sequence is known as the Fibonacci series. Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who lived from 1170-1250. He developed the series to answer a problem about the number of rabbits that would and produced from a single pair of rabbits and their offspring over several generations. It is used in various applications of math today. OK enough side lesson for today..let me know if you need any help, you can send me a video or voice message via email if you want to rather than type questions!! You can also check Khan Academy for extra help and practice 🙂

6th grade: OK so I too am trying to navigate this remote leaning..and I realized I skipped lesson 71. I am soooo sorry!! So if you need help with 71 (we have done it before) just let me know…and lets move on to Lesson 72 Implied ratios. This is more practice with ratio boxes. However, you will notice that the word “ratio” doesn’t appear in the questions. When we talk about ratios in the real world, we don’t often use the word this lesson is giving you real life application. Let me know if you need any help and remember to sign up for Khan Academy!

8th grade: Keep up the good work and start 7.4 Write and Graph Exponential Growth Functions. There are some good videos on Khan Academy. You can do all the ones that have anything to do with exponential growth. 7.5 is exponential decay so if you want to watch and practice with those videos too..go for it. There are still a few of you that have not logged on to our class. Our class code is W3P88YNC. It really is helpful and good extra practice 🙂 Let me know if you need any help.

Have a great day!!