Thursday- Feast of St. Joseph

Hellllloooooooooooooo! <– already bored if you can’t tell, hope you aren’t. (JK I’ve taken the time at home to redo my kitchen floor, so super busy [moral of the story- find something to do to keep yourself from going stir crazy])

Anyway, aside from that, Pray the Rosary today at 4pm, Pope Francis has asked the whole world to do so.

6 Religion

7 Religion

  • Complete wkbk p.64 (due when we return)

8 Religion

  • Complete wkbk 48 (due when we return)
  • Also read this reading on the Council of Trent

6 SS

7 SS

  • Complete wkbk p.229 (due when we return) *do not do #3 in each section

8 SS

  • Complete wkbk p.120 (due when we return)