Good morning, Good day, Good night; whatever time you look at this. I hope you’re keeping the boredom away. Here’s your stuff for Wednesday.

I’m planning on getting all of the Gospel Assignments posted into the grade book tonight or tomorrow morning so that you can check for any late/missing.

6 Religion

  • Complete wkbk p.72 (due when we return)

7 Religion

  • Complete wkbk p.63 (due when we return)

8 Religion

  • Complete wkbk p.47 (due when we return) *there’s no additional reading for today

6 SS

  • Read and DEJ Homer Chap. 12-13 (due when we return)

7 SS

  • Complete wkbk p.228 (due when we return) *do not do #3 in each section

8 SS

  • Complete wkbk p.115 (due when we return)