Monday, March 16, 2020

  • Social Studies – Read pg. 196-199, Review Key Idea Questions. Mom and Dad, have your children choose one question and write an answer to it in complete sentences. This will keep their writing skills sharp.
  • Math – Before we left, we were getting ready to do Lesson 76. Students tried a Reteaching worksheet for morning work. You may be able to find it in their folder. Most had difficulty with it though I tried to remind them they know how to do it! Please take the next two days (Monday and Tuesday) to go over Lesson 76 with your children. Please review and check answers for the Lesson 76 worksheet if they still have it. Students should be able to do Lesson Practice 76 successfully (pg. 486-487). Please practice this Lesson with them until they can grasp the concept. I will not assign new math until Wednesday.


I will really need your help and support at home during this time. It is imperative you carry on my job as I cannot be there with your children. As of now, I anticipate assigning no more than 3 subjects per day. This will depend on length and nature of the assignment. At some point, you may receive a test or two from me via pdf. If and when that happens, I will give you specific instructions on how to submit it to me.

Unless I ask you to submit assignments to me, please do not. It would be nearly impossible for me to receive 75 assignments daily and have them all graded. If you have questions, I can provide answer keys to some things so you are not doubting your 4th grade skills :).

As I expressed last week, my goal is to do a “story time” every day with the students. I will either do it on Facebook Live or record a video so they can have some routine or normalcy over the coming weeks. It will not matter what time you are able to log in and see it as the video will remain on the page once it is recorded.

I will be posting here and on the class Facebook page so please check this daily.

Once again, I am praying for everyone during this time of uncertainty. May you keep your health and sanity in the coming weeks!


Mrs. Armsworthy