Mon 3/16

Dear Families:

Scheduled Tests: I am working today to create digital forms of the Gr 6 and Gr 7 tests. they will be scheduled to be opened on Wednesday. That will give me time to send directions for accessing them. I am also creating a digital sci test for those Gr 8 students who were out for the test this past Friday. this will also open on Wednesday.

Gr 6 still has an outstanding review for the chapter. I will publish the answers so that everyone can check their review and know the answers. In light of the extreme nature of our situation I will put in participation points for this assignment as I trust everyone did it. It is logistically too difficult to try and grade it as usual.

Gr 6 has a digital project due 3/20 or earlier–Space exploration. Emails were sent to parents if needed with all accumulated documents. You should be able to collaborate with your partner. IF that is too difficult, please do the entire project on your own. Partners should have done full research by now and the project only entails 2 paragraphs and 2 pictures, plus a powerpoint or google title slide. I will only grade the digital portion for this quarter. I prefer a google doc to be utilized, but again, if that is not possible, send attachments to me at my school email. PLEASE LABEL FILE WITH FIRST NAMES OF STUDENTS SUBMITTING and put their names in the SUBJECT of any email. Please verify with your partner if you are going solo! That option is only if you can’t collaborate or they are not responding. Thanks.

Gr 6 next chapter is about the planets. Chapter Please read the chapter carefully and complete the worksheet packet. You also have been given a chart and packet for visiting the American Museum of Natural History Planetology site. Explore the planets there and fill in the chart. Pick any 2 facts to use. then record the mystery that still exists for that planet. After viewing them all, select on planet mystery that interests you most and record it on the back of the chart, filling in the facts and select the theory you most agree with and explain why. Take the quiz on paper, then do it on-line to self grade. these documents will be due the day we return unless otherwise notified.

Gr 6,7,& 8 Vocabulary will go into the next quarter. Therefore, we will take lesson 17 spelling test upon our return. If that return is extended too much, I will create a digital version of the test. Please work on lesson 18 while you are home and prepare for the vocabulary test for lessons 17 & 18.

Gr 8 Sci–Ch 20 We will be doing Mechanical advantage and Simple Machines next. Please read carefully the chapter and complete the workbook. I will be notifying you of some activities to perform at home.

Gr 7 Sci: Again, your test will be open digitally on Wednesday if all goes as planned. Our next chapter is Ch 18 Interactions of Living Things. Please read the chapter carefully and do the workbook for this. Then I will notify you of other activities.

Friday’s post: I want you to know I am praying for your children as we begin this adventure in distance learning and I ask for your patience and prayers for me as well! We are still working on the exact delivery of some of the curriculum and assessments. I will do my best to promptly send complete communication regarding the work for these next 2 weeks.  I am hoping to put the Gr 6 and Gr 7 tests up as an interactive test they can take on-line. The gr 7 one will probably get pushed back to Tuesday or Wednesday.  Peace–Mrs. Taylor