Early 1800s Notes

Early 1800s

  1. Events Leading up to War of 1812
    1. President James Madison 1809-1817
    2. Nationalism- the US was developing a new identity more independent from british influence
      1. Many US leaders still felt the burden and scars of the Revolution
    3. Neutral Trade Obstruction
      1. The US was being obstructed in their neutral trade with France
      2. Britain was seizing their ships because of the Napoleonic war
      3. Violates international law
      4. Britain feeling the burden of US increased trade in Europe
        1. Didn’t like the competition of US products with other countries
    4. Naval Impressment
      1. British still impressing US sailors
      2. Expressed a defence of impressment saying that many US sailors were British deserters
        1. 58% of US navy were immigrants or naturalized citizens
        2. A large number British
          1. Most of those British were Irish
    5. British Supported Native American raids in the West
    6. Expansionism
      1. Limited to local interest groups