Thurs 3/12

HOMEROOM: Thursday is the Pizza Day IF you did not buy Pizza, pack your lunch.

Vocabulary 6,7,8 Spelling Lesson 17 due Friday 3/13 Extra words are intriguing and transformation Spelling test lesson 17 Monday

Sci 6 Sci We received Space Exploration Mini Project topics, partners and criteria. These are due 3/20. Students had today in computer lab to work on these with their partners and will have class tomorrow.Review is Due Tuesday p 434-435 1-17,19-21 Test is wed 3/18


PLEASE ensure students are keeping science papers in the green sci binder in order. We put them in the binder with oldest items first and newest items last.

Sci 7 Good class today. go home and do the active study techniques we reviewed today! 🙂 Test is Monday 3/16

Grade 8 Please go home and do active studying for the test! 🙂 Test is Friday 3/13