Fri 3/6

HOMEROOM: Pizza forms due MARCH 10!

Vocabulary 6,7,8 Spelling Lesson 17 not due until due Friday 3/13 Extra words are intriguing and transformation

Sci 6 Sci We had class today to do the WS set for Sect 3 . It is due Tuesday. Read Section 3 in text

PLEASE ensure students are keeping science papers in the green sci binder in order. We put them in the binder with oldest items first and newest items last.

Sci 7 Study!

Sci 8 STUDY! If need be–rewrite the answers neatly for the analysis of the balloon car experiment so you can use that to study the 3 laws of motion.

Also, write up lab report. Due Wednesday. Sample chart for data picture is below.Remember though that units go in heading of the column not in each block.