Thurs 2/27

HOMEROOM: Field trip form has come home. IF you know that your child is not attending this for some reason, please let us know as seating is tight and we can allow another chaperone to attend.

Vocabulary 6,7,8 Spelling Test Lesson 16 due Friday 2/28 Vocabulary test lessons 15 & 16 will be Monday 3/2 and spelling test lesson 16 also that day. Extra words are covertness and suppression

Sci 6 Sci No written HW its a study night!

PLEASE ensure students are keeping science papers in the green sci binder in order. We put them in the binder with oldest items first and newest items last.

Sci 7 Applying science p 337

Sci 8 Study catch-up night. We are working on Newton’s 1st and 2nd laws and creating a balloon driven paper car.