Tuesday 2/26

Happy Mardi Gras!! This was one of our family’s favorite when we lived in Pensacola!! Don’t forget tonight is the pancake supper in the MHC!! Enjoy!

Also, if you wish to join the students for Ash Wednesday Mass tomorrow it will be at 9am 🙂

7th grade: Due to Mass, we will not have class. Your study guide for homework tonight is due on Thursday, test will be on Friday (we will have a full period, since there is not school Mass on Friday)

6th grade: Read and practice set for Lesson 62. Be sure you bring back lesson 61 if you did not turn it in so we can go over it more thoroughly tomorrow. Sorry for the rush today. Parents, keep an eye out for tests in the Wednesday folder this week. Your student will earn 5 points for a homework grade if it is signed and returned. This has been the procedure all year but I am seeing a sharp decline in signatures. If they do not return the test signed it earns a 0 for the assignment. Thanks!

8th grade: Workbook 6.3 evens and both work problems. Good job on the quiz today!!

Have a great night!

Mrs. McCarthy