Friday 2/21

GOOD LUCK to our Varsity Basketball Eagles!! Playoffs begin this weekend!! Come out to Kings Christian Academy tonight at 7:15 to watch the girls and tomorrow at 12:45 to watch the boys. There is an admission charge of $1 for students and $2 for adults. Come and cheer our teams to victory!!!!!

7th grade: it was a short but busy week!! Homework is to read and practice set for lesson 64. Looking ahead we will not have class on Wednesday because Mass for Ash Wednesday is a 9am and we should be ready for our next test on Friday 🙂

6th grade: Great job this week! We are ready for test 12B on Monday. Study, study, study!!

8th grade: Good work..we have to keep on rolling so keep up the good work!! Homework is workbook 6.2 odds only (yes, just the odds word problems too!!) Review 6.1 we will have a quiz on Monday!!

Parents: Please check in with your students for supplies 🙂 Calculators are allowed to be used on all tests, so please be sure they have one. Also, PENCILS!! I am almost all out of them and it is easier for students to be neat if they use a pencil, simply because they can erase mistakes. Thank you for your help in advance!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Mrs. McCarthy