Fri 2/21

HOMEROOM: Field trip form has come home. IF you know that your child is not attending this for some reason, please let us know as seating is tight and we can allow another chaperone to attend.

Vocabulary 6,7,8 Spelling Test (15) Monday 2/24 Extra words are outline and supervise

Less 16 is due 2/28 New extra words are covertness and suppression

Sci 6 Sci Today we started our new chapter Exploring Space. We reviewed our past reading strategies ( Previewing, context clues, monitoring , ID main ideas, Questioning, and Book mark reading), and learned a new one, Making connections See page 408A. HW = Must Use book mark reading and may add any other strategies as needed, to read text pp 408-413

PLEASE ensure students are keeping science papers in the green sci binder in order. We put them in the binder with oldest items first and newest items last.

Sci 7 We went over the 2 questions in class today Great discussion everyone!

Be sure your Sci wkbk pp 132-134 are done by Monday.

Sci 8 Read pp 556-562 Do wkbk pp 209-211 Due Tuesday