Friday 2/14

Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for all the sweet treats and hugs today!! You guys are great!! This was a busy 5 day week!! Fabulous work everyone!!

There is SJS basketball this weekend!! Come out to Little Flower on Saturday, JVG start at 10. Then on Sunday, catch them for the last regular season game at Father Andrew White, with the JVB starting around 11:30 (I think)!! GO EAGLES!!

7th grade: You have a test on Tuesday…use your study guide to go over what you need to know 🙂 Also, please finish reading Investigation 6 and complete the reteaching worksheet. Next week we will take test 12 and move into some new concepts such as sequences and graphing inequalities and build on some things we already know such as unit multipliers, negative exponents and similar triangles. Great work this week!!

6th grade: read and complete the practice set for lesson 58. We are moving on to symmetry and from your homework last night, we are looking good with understanding plotting functions. Next week we will move on to finish lesson 60 and then get ready for test 12. Nice work!!

8th grade: Finish bonus work if you would like to earn some extra credit towards your test grade!! Tests look good so far!! Great job!! Next week we will start chapter 6 all about linear systems. It is a short chapter..yay! Lots of new material so also… yay! Get ready to challenge yourself! Great work this week!!

Have a wonderful long weekend!! Get rest and be ready to rock it out next week! 🙂 GO EAGLES!!

Mrs. McCarthy