Tuesday, February 11, 2020

8th Grade News: Friday is an early dismissal day as well as a tag day. Please plan accordingly.


8th Grade: Finish Reading Chapter 9

7th Grade:

Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

Birthdays were a reason for celebration in Sarajevo. Why did Zlata discuss the numerous birthday parties she attended? As you read, were you able to tell a difference in the morale of Zlata before and after she discussed a birthday party? What did the birthday parties usually do for people’s spirits within the war zone?

Zlata kept her mind occupied with other things so she would not worry about the war. How was Zlata’s schooling interrupted her fifth grade year? Who visited Zlata’s home to teach her music? How did Zlata seek out tutors to continue to learn despite the lack of a school? Why did Zlata take her education so seriously?

Nedo was very close to Zlata. He was hired as a translator for the United Nations Protection Force. What did Nedo wear as part of his uniform? What was Nedo’s main job as he worked with the UN? Where did Nedo go and visit as part of his United Nations job? What effect did Nedo’s job at the UN have on Zlata?

6th Grade: Finish rewriting the ending of The Giver. Due Thursday