Wed 2/5

HOMEROOM: Wednesday envelopes will go home Thursday

Vocabulary 6,7,8 Less 14 due Friday 2/7 Spelling Test (14) and Vocab test (13 & 14) Monday 2/10 Extra words are velocity and displacement.

Sci 6 STUDY! Also, please create a simple timeline of the advances in the atomic model. Turn your paper so the holes are at the top. Start with Democritus (whose contribution was the idea that atoms exist for each type of matter. Put the year, the scientist and the major contribution. Use your text. Time line is due tomorrow. this is just on loose leaf or copy paper–not a poster–just a quick graphic organizer of the info but done neatly!!! Gr 6 Sci Test will be 2/14

Sci 7 WS p C 101 Human inheritance # 11-17

Sci 8 Work on formula challenge worksheet which is due tomorrow and prep for quiz on Friday.