Monday, February 3, 2020

8th Grade News: 8th Grade students will be taking the Mid-Year Reading Scantron Assessment tomorrow morning at 8:10 am. Please make sure to get a good night of sleep and eat a substantial breakfast in the morning.

8th Grade: Read Chapters 7 and 8 of Across Five Aprils for Wednesday

7th Grade: none

6th Grade: Answer the following questions using the R.A.C.E. format.

  1. How does Jonas feel his Assignment has already changed the way people act toward him? What does he find out about the last Receiver-in-training, who was chosen 10 years prior to his selection?
  2. Why does Jonas feel his rules as Receiver of Memory are strange? Why do you think each rule is necessary?
  3. What upsets Jonas upon arriving for his first day of training?
  4. How does the “receiving” process work between Jonas and The Giver?
  5. Create a word web for each of the following words: torrent, obsolete, admonition, hueless, sinuous and relinquished.