Wednesday 1/29

7th grade: We are almost finished with Scantron 🙂 The plan is for those who still need to finish to work on it during IT/Media tomorrow in the lab. If we still need time we will use class on Friday…if we finish we will have study guide review on Friday and our test will be on Monday. Thank you for your flexibility!!!!!! Great job everyone!!

6th grade: finish your study guide tonight and we will have review tomorrow and our test will be on Friday. Keep up the good work!! 🙂

8th grade: We will do 5.3 review and begin 5.4 reading and guided practice in class tomorrow. Be sure you have 5.3 workbook evens completed for class tomorrow. We are almost finished 🙂 but half of you will work on Scantron tomorrow in IT/Media. If you need more time we will also use class time or lab time in the afternoon to finish. Keep up the good work!! 🙂

Any questions or concerns please let me know..

Have a great night!

Mrs. McCarthy