Thur 1/23/20

Vocabulary 6,7,8 Less 12 due Friday 1/24 Spelling Test Monday 1/27 Extra words are exaggerate and imagery

Sci 6 Projects are due Friday am. Students are to turn in their completed poster that tells the story in highlights of their monument and its building materials. Additionally, they are to turn in the research documentation chart I gave them and the final typed paper, approximately 1 page, double spaced, in a common, 12 point font (arial, times, tunga, etc)

We are currently working on the worksheets for Sect 2 of the chapter. These will be due Tuesday of next week–Jan 28

Sci 7 Read handout pC76 Probability and Genetics and do WS p C77 due Monday 1/27 , quiz Tues 1/28

Sci 8 Using the Prentice Hall text book I issued, please do p 25 Sect review, #1-4. Use proper format. Also read the Section Summary sheet I issued too. Quiz tomorrow on vocabulary, calculating speed and interpreting a speed motion graph.