Wed 1/22/20

Vocabulary 6,7,8 Less 12 due Friday 1/24 Spelling Test Monday 1/27 Extra words are exaggerate and imagery

Sci 6 Project instructions and topics given. Students will be given time in class to work on projects. Please be sure pictures all have captions. It is easy to copy pictures and put in a word document or Powerpoint and then add captions. Looking for old pictures of construction etc? try Library of Congress on-line. Students should bring info they have already on a flash drive. Pictures should be printed out unless a family is having a printing issue. If so, an email would be appreciated.

Sci 7 WS C 73 due tomorrow. Use the handout to help and notes we took today.

Sci 8 Please complete the one page paper ( 4 paragraphs?) about Progress and transportation. Be sure to use specific examples to support your statements. You may venture beyond progress in transportation in your discussion IF it is connected to or results from progress in transportation–ex goods and services available, job creation, job extinction.

Typical essay would follow: Opening paragraph–intro the topic, #2 tell how progress has helped ( use specific examples), #3 discuss issues that have arisen from this progress , # 4 summary, what can we do or expect for future?