Tues 1/21/20

Vocabulary 6,7,8 Less 12 due Friday 1/24 Spelling Test Monday 1/27 Extra words are exaggerate and imagery

Sci 6 Project instructions and topics given. Students were given time today in class to work on projects. Please be sure pictures all have captions. It is easy to copy pictures and put in a word document or Powerpoint and then add captions. Looking for old pictures of construction etc? try Library of Congress on-line.

Sci 7 We preview Ch 11 today. Please read pp 306-312 and do wkbk pp 120-121

Sci 8 pp 522-527 Do wkbk pp 194-195 were due today. If you were absent please make-up tonight. Tonight’s homework is to finish the timeline calculations and do the brainstorming for the progress and transportation prompt. Make sure you show work as modeled for calculations and do brainstorm on its own sheet.