Friday 1/10

7th grade: Read and PS for lesson 50. It was a slow start to the week with a little bit of review and picked up the pace to get back on track. We covered quite a bit this week including scientific notation, graphing functions, percent of a whole and solving rate problems with proportions and equations. Next week we will finish this section with solving multi-step equations, go over our practice test on Tuesday and have a test on Wednesday.

6th grade: Finish the practice set from class today and then complete the reteaching worksheet for lesson 45. We also had a slow start to the week, with a little bit to get the wheels going but we are caught up and are back on track. This week we covered some new things including distributive property, and converting decimals to fractions, Fractions to decimals, and percents to decimals. (Ask your students to see their wheel foldable 🙂 ) Other topics we covered this week were using formulas, repeating decimals, different ways to represent division answers and dividing by decimals. Next week we will review Lesson 45 dividing by decimals and then prepare for our test on Wednesday.

8th grade: Chapter review for chapter 4 in your textbook on pages 287- 290. Please complete #1-22 but your may skip 2 and 21. Use the examples to help you if you need it. Also please bring an index card to class on Monday to use while we review for your test on Thursday. Monday we will review, Tuesday and Wednesday each class will trade out a poster project that will count for a test grade, and then the test is on Thursday. We will start chapter 5: Solving and graphing linear inequalities.

Any questions or concerns, please send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. The quarter closes on the 17th so expect plus portals to be closed very soon.

Have a great weekend!! There is basketball on Sunday!! Good Luck to all of our teams and our cheerleaders!! GO EAGLES!!

Mrs. McCarthy